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Anti Aging Treatments by Dr. Tachmes

Dr. Leonard Tachmes is proud to offer a comprehensive health plan customized for each individual patient focused on Age Management and Wellness Therapies that he himself has incorporated into his own life.  Dr. Tachmes understands that traditional medicine as taught in this country is mainly concerned with TREATING DISEASE, NOT PREVENTING DISEASE.  More and more physicians now realize the importance of Age Management Medicine with its core goal of instilling lifestyle changes involving exercise, nutrition and hormone replacement therapy to produce a healthy balance in your life.   Dr. Tachmes is the only Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on South Beach with his own state of the art, surgery clinic and Medspa featuring Anti-Aging Treatments offered to patients from around the world.

The components of his Concierge Wellness Program are based on solid scientific research and feature the following three main aspects of intervention:

1) Complete History and Physical Examination with Dr. Tachmes that includes blood laboratory testing, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy if needed, vitamin and supplement recommendations tailored to each individual by Dr. Tachmes and private consultations ongoing throughout the year.

2) Assessment of Patient Nutrition and Diet habits with implementation of healthy lifestyle changes focusing on a Low-Glycemic Index Food Plan structured for each patient to improve quality of life, increase energy levels and decrease the risk of developing debilitating diseases.

3) Exercise Program developed for each patient and monitored by Dr Tachmes that incorporates the two most important aspects of successful exercise protocols: aerobic and anerobic interval training coupled with Resistance Weight Training.

How The Program Works:

The first step in Dr. Tachmes’ Age Management and Wellness Protocol is an initial, baseline laboratory blood test workup performed at his private clinic on South Beach.  Approximately two weeks later a Private Health Evaluation is scheduled which includes the Comprehensive History and Physical Examination with Dr.Tachmes which includes a review of the blood tests for each patient.  The Exercise Fitness consultation and a Nutrition and Diet consultation also completed at this time.

Dr. Tachmes will  formulate a unique, customized plan for each patient which includes Hormone Replacement Therapy if needed along with high quality Vitamins and Supplements; a complete Exercise Program optimized for achieving long lasting results; and a Nutritional diet recommendation protocol to produce new healthy lifestyle changes that can be maintained.

Patients are followed closely on a monthly basis and have unlimited access to Dr. Tachmes via email, text messaging and telephone consultations.

Adjustments are made to each patient’s program based on their feedback and progress.  Repeat blood test analyses are performed as needed as well as annual history and physical examinations with Dr. Tachmes.

As an added value to our program, all Conceirge patients enjoy a 20% discount on all our medspa services including botox, fillers, laser hair removal, facials, peels and skin care products.

Essential Reading:

“Testosterone For Life,” written by Abraham Morgentaler.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex and a Stronger Leaner Body,” by Dr. Jeffery Life.


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