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Why Don’t Men Have Cellulite?

By: Holly Henningson

Have you ever heard a man complain about his cellulite? It makes you wonder why this curse seems to be gender specific.  We did a little research to figure out the cause of cellulite but more importantly, how to get rid of it so you never have to be self-conscious in a bikini again.

First, “what is cellulite?”

Cellulite is essentially pockets of fat squeezed between bands of tissue that connects our muscle to our skin.    Men and women both have this connective tissue present in their skin.

That’s pretty easy to understand but here comes the kicker…the anatomy of these connective bands differs.  Men have thicker bands which form a crisscross pattern that keeps the fat in place so it doesn’t “pucker”( the appearance of cellulite). Women, on the other hand, have a vertical pattern of bands that are less thick and allow fat to pucker. Even the thinnest of women with the thinnest subcutaneous layer of fat will somehow push its way through the connective bands. This also explains why heavy men do not have cellulite and why Beyonce wears tightly woven nude fishnet stockings on stage. That compact stitch pattern keeps everything smooth and in place.

Sounds like a hopeless dead end, right? Not exactly, there is a state of the art solution!  Although there is no magic potion or cream, the battle against cellulite can be won with Venus FREEZE. Venus FREEZE is a weekly treatment that targets the  3 causes of cellulite- 1) softens the rigid connective tissue causing the dimpling effects 2) shrinks trapped fat pockets with controlled heat, and last but certainly not least 3) strengthens and creates new collagen for increased firmness and elasticity. All in all, after your series of treatments your skin is tighter, smoother, and sexier…down right BOOTYLICIOUS with or without a bikini! Canadian Health Care Mall helps your to defend your skin with healthy medications. Read more by link.



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