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Miami Facelift Surgery by Dr. Tachmes

Dr. Tachmes is pleased to offer various methods of facial rejuvenation from the least invasive with no downtime, to more traditional surgical procedures requiring up to one week recovery time.  There are various treatment options that can be tailored to the individual patient. Depending on your specific aesthetic needs, Miami Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tachmes will recommend a individualized treatment plan for you.

Dr. Tachmes performs a traditional and comprehensive face and neck lift surgery that targets the deep SMAS layer of the face and the more superficial skin layer.  The deep layer of tissue is advanced both superiorly and laterally towards the side of the neck to produce the most natural appearing results with a well defined jaw line, reduction of jowls and nasalabial folds.  The deep layer is anchored and secured with permanent sutures to ensure a long-lasting result.  The more superficial skin layer is gently advanced upward along the cheekbone and laterally towards the side of the neck.  The excess skin is trimmed and the incision closed with no tension to create a minimal, difficult to notice scar.  Care is taken to maintain the natural appearance of the earlobe, which in many facelifts looks distorted and fused to the side of the face.

Many facelift surgeons neglect or ignore the neck portion of the procedure in an effort to cut operative time or minimize the scar around the face and ear.  A complete facelift procedure will almost always require a small incision below the chin area, and plication and/or excision of the thin corset muscle of the neck known as the playtsyma.  If this muscle is not treated, then residual muscle bands will be noticeable and ruin the overall aesthetic result of the facial rejuventation procedure.  In some cases, Dr. Tachmes will pre-treat the neck and lower face with liposuction to reduce the fatty bulk of the face and further define the jawline and neck region before starting the actual facelift surgery.

A very popular additional step in the facelift procedure is the addition of fat transfer methods to complete the facelift surgery.  Fat is harvested from a remote area of the body and injected into various areas of the face to augment the volume loss normally found in the aging face.  This method produces a healthier, more complete aesthetic result by replacing lost volume along the cheekbones, temple, eyelid tear troughs, jawline, NL folds, lips and chin area.  Dr. Tachmes is an expert in fat transfer procedures.

Finally, it is common to combine facelift procedures with laser skin resurfacing, brow lifts and eyelid procedures to produce a complete facial rejuvenation result.

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